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Operations Management

3 Credits | 300 Level | 38 Contact hours


Operations management; sustainability and supply chain management, Jay Heizer, Jesse H. Jones. Twelfth edition (2017). ISBN 10: 0-13-413042-1.


This course covers topics related to decision-making concepts of operations planning, implementation, and control. Students will develop a strong theoretical foundation to effectively forecast and analyze customer service inventory management processes, just-in-time productions, supply chain management processes, and quality assessment/improvement in services and manufacturing.


Chapter 1 - Introduction to operations management
Chapter 2 - Operations Strategy for Competitive Advantage
Chapter 4 - Forecasting
Chapter 5 - Design of Goods and Services
Chapter 6 - Managing Quality
Chapter 7 - Process Strategy
Supplement 7 - Capacity Planning
Chapter 8 - Location Strategies
Chapter 9 - Layout Strategy
Chapter 11 - Supply Chain Management
Chapter 12 - Inventory management
Chapter 16 - Lean Manufacturing


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
• Recognize the need for alignment between a company’s operations and its strategic and sustainability goals.
• Predict future sales revenues for a variety of conditions.
• Assess and manage inventory levels to meet demand effectively and efficiently.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships established between the industrial side of the organization and the other basic company functions.


Course Requirements:
Class Attendance
Students are required to attend every class and actively participate in all class activities.

Case Presentations
Students are required to prepare a series of case presentations throughout the semester. Students will submit their cases to the instructor and may be selected to present their cases during class.

Students are required to complete four in-person exams throughout the semester. Each exam is valued at 20% of the final grade. All exams will consist of multiple choice and short answer questions, and cover readings, lectures, and materials from its corresponding chapter. There will not be make-up tests.

Class Attendance 10%
Exams (4) 80%
Case Presentation 10%

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