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Physics for Scientists and Engineers I

3 Credits | 100 Level | 38 Contact hours


Physics for Scientists and Engineers, 9th Edition (Serway and Jewett)
ISBN: 978-1133947271


This course provides an introduction to physics for engineers, especially in the fields of mechanics, which includes kinematics, motion in one and two dimensions, dynamics, the laws of motion, energy, conservation of energy, rotation of a rigid object, and angular momentum, statics and elasticity, fluid mechanics, oscillations, and mechanical waves. This course aims to teach basic concepts for understanding the physical world. The acquisition of specific skills and understanding of the material is crucial to problem-solving ability. The lectures are oriented toward helping students understand the concepts and how to solve problems.


Topic 1. Kinematics. Motion in One and Two Dimensions
TOPIC 2. Dynamics. The Laws of Motion
TOPIC 3. Energy. Conservation of Energy. Linear Momentum
TOPIC 4. Rotation of a Rigid Object and Angular Momentum
TOPIC 5. Statics and Elasticity
TOPIC 6. Fluid Mechanics
TOPIC 7. Oscillations
TOPIC 8. Mechanical Waves


1. Demonstrate problem solving skills in various types of problems in physics using quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and appropriate mathematical techniques.
2. Demonstrate the ability of using scientific methods to understand and explain concepts in physics.
3. Connect physics concepts and problems to their world experience.


Class Participation and Attendance 10%
Homework 10%
Exams 80%

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