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Physics for Scientists and Engineers I Lab

1 Credits | 100 Level | 30 Contact hours


Textbook: Physics for Scientists and engineers, 9th Edition (Serway and Jewit


Class discussion and participation will enhance the learning environment and will be important ingredients in our class. Please come to class prepared by reading material in advance so you have identified areas that are unclear to you and ask questions!

Please, bring your laptops and ask questions when something isn’t clear and especially if you find your curiosity has been picked!


• Lab 1 : Visiting Museum of Science
• Lab 2 : Uncertainties of measurements
• Lab 3: Data models
• Lab 4: Understanding Motion I: Free fall
• Lab 5: Understanding Motion II: HSM
• Lab 6: System of forces
• Lab 7: Newton’s laws I: Friction
• Lab 8: Newton’s laws II: Torque
• Lab 9: Energy of a system
• Lab 10: Fluid statics: Law of Arquimedes
• Lab 11: Linear momentum and collisions
• Lab 12: Acoustics with smartphone app
• Lab 13: Conclusions and evaluation


1. The student will demonstrate the ability to use scientific methods to understand and explain concepts in physics.
2. The student will show skills of experimental character through the observation and the analysis of data, using quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and appropriate mathematical techniques.
3. The student will estimate and deal with experimental uncertainties
4. The student will be able to write scientific reports.


After each session the student will write a report to be evaluated.

Attendance 1 to 12 12 % (total)
Report 2 to 12 8 % each

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