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Physics II Laboratory

1 Credits | 200 Level | 25 Contact hours


Lab manuals available at PoliformaT/Resources.


The purpose of the physics laboratory is to allow students to witness the concepts and physical laws that are introduced in the lecture. You will also be exposed to elementary laboratory techniques. Every class will have a short lecture introducing the procedures, concepts, formulas, and instructions relevant to the experiment. The lecture will also cover what is expected in your lab report.


1. Introduction. Experimental uncertainties.
2. Gauss Law.
3. Simple DC Circuits.
4. Ohm's Law and Kirchhoff's Circuit Rules.
5. Oscilloscope.
6. Capacitors and RC Circuits.
7. Inductors and LR Circuits.
8. Introduction to AC Currents and Voltages.
9. AC Filters and Resonance.
10. Polarization.

PHYS181LAB extra labs:
- Gas Laws
- Electrical Equivalent of heat

PHYS2419 extra labs:
- Geometrical Optics.
- Interference.


Students that successfully complete this course should be able to:
1. Problem solving skills in various types of problems in physics using quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and appropriate mathematical techniques.
2. Be able to connect physics concepts and problems to their world experience.
3. Demonstrate skills in collection and interpretation of data from laboratory experiments
4. Properly use and read: scales, calipers, digital voltmeters, micrometer and balances.
5. Set up and solve problems related to the propagation of errors and uncertainties.
6. Plot and fit experimental data to a given mathematical model.
7. Proficiency in troubleshooting, problem-solving and interpreting the results of physical measurements.


Your grade is based on your performance in the laboratory as evidenced by what you turn in each week. A report will be submitted through PoliformaT/Assignments. The final grade will be the average over the grades obtained for each workshop.

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