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Spanish conversation and Oral Skills

3 Credits | 300 Level | 38 Contact hours


- COTO BAUTISTA, V. y TURZA FERRE, A. (2011). Tema a tema B1. Madrid: Edelsa. (ISBN: 978-84-7711-720-9)
- Artículos y videos de revistas, periódicos o páginas web en general


An optional three-credit course that complements the development of linguistic competences facilitated at the three-hundred level Spanish courses, focusing on the oral skills in particular.
Curso opcional de tres créditos destinado a desarrollar las habilidades lingüísticas que se van adquiriendo en los otros cursos de nivel trescientos y cuatrocientos, haciendo especial hincapié en las destrezas orales.


- Introduction.
- The Spanish Character
- Natural areas.
- The Spanish Education.
- Music.
- Politics.
- Trips with enchancement.
- Media.
- Arts.
- History moments.
- Health care.
- The world of work.
- Spanish cinema.


After the successful completion of Spanish Conversation and Oral Skills II, students will be able to:
-exchange opinions, points of view, personal experiences, feelings regarding a topic of general interest
-to provide reasoned arguments in favor or against a controversial topic
-to organize the information of an oral presentation on a topic of general interest in a coherent way
-to fill lexical gaps in the production with paraphrases or other communication strategies
-to analyze, to contrast and to consider the perceptions, values, attitudes, and behaviors of the different cultures in Spain with respect to the student´s culture.


The final grade is calculated based on the following components:
• Midterm exam: 25%
• Final exam: 25%
• In class participation: 10%
• Homework: 15%
• Oral portfolio: 25%

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