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Science, Technology and Innovation

3 Credits | 300 Level | 38 Contact hours


The Professors will provide the students with all the needed materials and resources.


Science, Technology and Innovation (S&T&I) are determining factors in the economic and cultural development of today’s society. The main objective of this course, S&T&I, is that it provides to the students an updated knowledge of the different aspects of the Science, Technology and Innovation system, as well as of the existing mechanisms of the interaction with society, business and other agents involved in the Innovation System


1 Science and Technology
2 Innovation
3 Factors that influence the innovation process
4 Planning, decision making and evaluation of innovation projects
5 Business strategy and technology strategy
6 Innovation strategy
7 Human resources and project management team
8 Business cooperation in innovation projects
9 Knowledge Transfer and Innovation (RSI and NSI)


The first topics of this course introduce concepts of science, technology and innovation, and help to demonstrate the relevance of innovation for private organisations from the point of view of their management, assessment, evaluation and implementation.

The aim is to demonstrate the implications of the innovative process for the company, the staff and the management of resources and competitiveness. For that purpose, the set of concepts necessary for the planning and development of an innovation strategy is included, specifying aspects related not only to the need to plan a strategic direction for innovation and technology.


• Comprehension test or writing exam (30%)
• Resolution of the practical assumptions (40%)
• Developed works (10%)
• Exhibition and defense of the developed work (20%)

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